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Season runs May-June

4 and 5 year old boys and girls upon registration

Cost: $25 Registration Fee

Deposits returned once family member volunteers at 1 of the AYS fundraiser events throughout the year.

You must fulfill one of the season volunteer requirements with your child's sport. Read text boxes to right for more information.

Players will be provided bats and helmets. Each player will need their own glove. Comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended.

Shirts for each player, head coach, and assistant coaches will be provided by AYS. You will be able to cheer on your favorite players by purchasing your own team shirt this year! 

Please refer to your email for more announcements regarding your child's season.

*Late registrations will not be accepted*

James Romero


Phone: 850-496-5810


Commissioner - James Romero

Secretary - Jessica Romero


Fundraising Volunteer Requirements

AYS Volunteer Requirements Per Athlete**

REQUIRED - Work one shift at one of the potential AYS Fundraising events, including but not limited to:

1. Fireworks Stand

2. Bingo Nights

3. Fish Fry

4. Tractor Pull

5. Poker Run



**AYS FUNDRASING Volunteer Deposit will not be cashed if annual volunteer commitment is fulfilled. Fulfillment requirements are 1 Credit PER ATHLETE, per year, enrolled in any AYS sport. If you DO NOT fulfill your AYS FUNDRAISING  volunteer commitment, your AYS FUNDRAISING volunteer deposit check will be cashed! Please see the AYS Website for full AYS Volunteer explanation:


Season Volunteer Requirements

In order for your player to participate in this sport at AYS, you must fulfill a volunteer requirement with your team during the season.

Your volunteering keeps our participation fees LOW!

Head coach

(1 per team)

Lead games/practices, establish communication with parents, main point-of-contact for parents and commissioner.

Assistant coach/es

(2-3 per team)

Help head coach run games and practices, substitute for head coach if necessary.

Dugout parent

(1 per team)

Supervise and help players in the dugout with gear, drinks, lineup, etc. 

Team parent

(1 per team)

Manage the snack/drink sign up & field clean up sign up for your team. A sign up sheet will be provided to you via AYS. 

Field clean up

(1x only)

* 1X ONLY*  Check your player's field for gear, litter, or lost items after your assigned game/practice. If you are the last team to play that day, rake field with provided rakes after your team's games/practice.