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AYS BOD March 23, 2022 Meeting Minutes

By SS 03/26/2022, 5:30pm CDT

Arlington Youth Sports

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

March 23, 2022, 6:00 p.m.



Call to Order

Josh called the meeting to order at 6:05. Josh Wilmott, Jeff Staats, Erin Reed, Ben Nissen, and Kori Jensen were present. 


Reading/Approval of Minutes and Agenda

The minutes from the last meeting and the agenda were both approved.


Public Forum/Volunteer Requirement Discussion

Nate Egbarts, Jason Overholt, and Justin Rehder were present to share concerns about the complex clean-up day not counting as a volunteer fulfillment.  After some discussion, Kori moved to accept the complex clean-up day as a volunteer fulfillment this year. The motion passed 4-1.


T-Ball/Coach Pitch Commissioners

Jessica and James Romero were present as they have volunteered to fill these positions.  They shared a bit about themselves.  Shelly is working to open registration.  The board and JJ Mastny will support them as the transition is made.


Soccer Commissioner

Ali Roberts was present as she has volunteered to take over the soccer program.  She shared a bit about herself.  Josh will help her get going.


Treasurer’s Report

Account Information Change Over

Kori is meeting with Amber to transfer everything over.


Debit Cards

Josh revisited the option of opening a credit card for the organization. Jeff suggested opening a Sam’s Club account in the organization’s name and have the goods delivered.  Kori reminded the board that a credit card would require someone willing to co-sign and use their credit card number.  A pre-paid card option was mentioned.  This will be revisited.


Complex Committee Update

Complex Internet

Jeff reported that ABB is still not returning calls.  The board voted to go with Cox.


Clean Up Day

It was decided that parents will be asked to bring basic supplies with them.  Kori will work with Amber to get dispensers, etc. ordered for installation on clean-up day.


Jeff reported that the committee is meeting tomorrow.  The water will be turned on and the leaky pipes will be worked on.  Phil asked about fertilizer and weed treatment.  Current prices are a concern.  Phil asked if Mike Monke would possibly help with this.


Tractor Pull Update

Jeff reported that there is another meeting coming up.  They’re brainstorming ways to get the word out.  Checks are starting to come in.  They’re looking at buying a big banner for the empty lot by Casey’s as small posters hung in locations have been torn down in the past.


Sports Board Policy Review and Discussion

Josh explained that the purpose of the sports board policy is to clarify expectations for boards, maintain consistency across boards, and help the organization be more transparent.  The board reviewed the shared ideas for the policy.  They entered executive session.  The policy was finalized and approved and will be shared with boards at the quarterly meeting.


Next Meeting

The quarterly meeting was set for April 27th, at 6:30 at the complex.



The meeting ended at 8:30.


To Do List:

  • Quarterly Meeting Agenda Items – JOSH
    • Discuss the plan to hire a concession stand manager
    • Go over new sports board policy
  • Policies (one per meeting) – BOD
    • Finance policy
    • College scholarship selection process
  • Other
  • Add a fundraising column in quick books – KORI
  • Bank account changeover – AMBER and KORI
  • Lang plaque for flag – AMBER
  • Winter sports survey – ERIN
  • Look into background checks for all coaches – JOSH  
  • Order dispensers, etc. for clean-up day – KORI
  • Debit card options – BOARD
  • Final draft of sports board policy – KORI


Minutes submitted by:  Erin Reed – AYS Secretary

Meeting Minutes of Arlington Youth Sports – Proprietary and Confidential

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