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AYS Important update 1/23/22

By SS 01/23/2022, 11:15am CST

Quick Reminders: Softball registration is currently open and you can now link your Amazon account to AYS using Amazon Smile. This allows AYS to earn donations based on your purchases.


Our AYS Annual Meeting has been scheduled for January 30th at 7pm via zoom. There will be an email sent with the Zoom link as well as a Facebook event created for it with a link. I have attached meeting minutes from the most recent BOD meeting. Please take a moment to read it to see the exciting things AYS is working on. All parents are encouraged to "attend" this annual meeting. It gives parents a chance to "meet" new people, understand our boards and where our program is going. If you have an important matter and would like to be added to the agenda, please email by this Wednesday, January 26th. Commissioners, please plan on having at least one of your board members present on the Zoom meeting to represent your sport.


When my family and I first moved to town 7 years ago, we knew we wanted to be involved but we weren't sure how or what that looked like. Our oldest wanted to play youth football and that's where we started. Jeff started coaching and I joined the football board. Some may ask, what qualifications does it take to be on a board? ) Do I know enough? How much time will it take? I'm so busy and I'd like to contribute or make a difference but I don't know that I can make that kind of commitment. I'm here to tell you, it takes a little bit of passion to want to better our program for our kiddos, and a little bit of making time for a few hours once a month...sometimes more hours during tournaments or big sports events. It can seem intimidating, but at the end of the day when we all come together, it's a lot easier than you think. We have a bunch of positions that need to be filled for various Boards. The saying goes "it takes a village"...and that's what we are! Together we make a difference and together we make progress. If you have athletes that are in AYS, please consider volunteering for a position, because without parent volunteers we can't do what we currently do and even go above and beyond that. There's a list below of open board positions. It doesn't take perfection or expertise. It takes a personal investment of time and caring about how we want this program to proceed and grow. By the way, when I started volunteering on the Football Board, I didn't know football enough to coach it by any means...that would have been a disaster! But I knew I wanted to help. I could type notes, build spreadsheets, take pictures, post to social media. So if you feel called, please reach out to me, any of the AYS Board members or any sports board with questions. We can't do this without our parents and our AYS family. Many hands make light work! Below is a list of positions that need to be filled this year:


Board of Directors- 3 positions

Baseball - 2 positions

Volleyball - 3 positions

Basketball - 2 positions

Soccer - 2 positions (Commissioner and Asst. Commissioner)

Football - 1 position


Thank you for taking the time to read through this. Always reach out if you have any questions or concerns and have a great rest of your weekend. We will "see" you all next weekend at the meeting!


Shelly Staats





Arlington Youth Sports June Meeting


Two Rivers Complex

Arlington Youth Sports Board of Directors Meeting Minutes June 29, 2021, 6:00 p.m. Two Rivers Bank Complex Call to Order/Roll Call Jeff called the meeting to order at 6:05. Jeff Staats, Erin Reed, Amber Hansen, Michelle Wilkins, and Shelly Staats were present. Reading/Approval of Minutes and Agenda The minutes from the last meeting were approved. Approval of Agenda Amber asked to add discussion about the summer survey to Old Business.

Public Forum None requested

Officer Reports

Treasurer Report Amber sent the report this afternoon. She reported that there is still a sales tax balance of $1,800 from previous years. Amber will talk to Tammi Japp and/or Brad Soll to see if they recall why this is the case.

Old Business Tractor Pull Fundraiser Amber reported that the tractor pull donations for 2021 totaled $22,500 and 2020 was an additional $11,850 with a total of $34,350. The pull brought in $26,950 with a total income of $61,300. Expenses so far are $35,750 with another $10-15,000 in expenses remaining (alcohol, advertising, etc.). There was discussion on whether or not this remains a logical fundraiser for AYS considering the amount of work it takes and what money we end up gaining from it. Amber has asked that this be added to the August agenda. There was discussion on donors, signage, etc. The fundraising committee will continue to work on this.

Summer Survey Erin will send this out next week once softball and baseball are both done. She will keep the new, more specific questions on there and add something about concessions.

Basketball Issues The BOD has identified the concerns with basketball and Mike has typed up a synopsis of what seems to work and what doesn’t. These will both be shared with the basketball board at a meeting in the near future. Mike will contact Matt Nelson to set this up.

New Business Volunteer Requirements

1. All boards will be required to have a volunteer coordinator to keep track of individual sports’ volunteer requirements and report back to Jeff Staats.

2. The AYS fundraisers will be listed in DIBS (and individual sports will be asked to do the same for individual sport volunteer requirements) so parents can see what they’ve volunteered for and what they’ve filled. Note: Parents will no longer pick an AYS fundraiser at registration. Instead, parents will be able to volunteer for whichever fundraiser(s) work for them throughout the volunteer year.

These events may include:

a. BINGO Nights

b. Poker Run

c. Tractor Pull

d. Fireworks Stand

e. Hit-A-Thon

f. BBQ Competition

3. It will be made clear to parents that they will have two separate requirements to fulfill; the AYS fundraiser(s) and individual sports’ requirements.

4. Families will be required to fulfill one AYS fundraiser volunteer requirement per child regardless of number of sports played. Credit requirements for each individual sport will be set by each sport.

5. Jeff will keep track of families that have paid the AYS fundraiser deposit throughout the year. Individual sports’ volunteer coordinators will keep track of that sport’s deposit each season.

6. Jeff motioned to set the “volunteer year” from August 1 to July 31 and set both the AYS fundraiser (one per athlete per volunteer year) and individual sport deposit amounts at $200. Soccer and t-ball/coach pitch will only collect the AYS fundraiser deposit. Erin seconded. All were in favor.

7. An option to pay the $200 for the AYS fundraiser requirement up front will be added to each registration page.

Complex Committee There was discussion on the need for a complex committee to identify and address complex needs and oversee concessions. Erin motioned to establish a committee. Amber seconded. All were in favor.

Next Meeting The quarterly meeting is set for July 28 at 6:00 at the Complex.

Adjournment The meeting ended at 8:15.

To Do List:

Quarterly meeting agenda items – MIKE ✓

Relay new volunteer requirements to boards ✓

Require individual sports to add the AYS scholarship (available through a donation) to their registration pages ✓

QuickBooks access for boards ✓

All sports form a wish list for donations and get it to Shelly ✓

Discuss complex committee ✓

Reminder about coaches’ meeting requirement with BOD present to go over and collect signed the Coaches’ Code of Conduct forms ✓

Reminder to let Shelly know of open board positions for advertisement (policy to streamline this process for all sports will be coming soon) ✓

Tractor pull discussion (at August meeting)

Write policies (one per meeting) – BOD ✓

Coaches’ meetings and signing of coaches’ code of conduct ✓

Public forum ✓

Complex/concession commission or committee - APPROVED ✓

Voting for and filling board positions ✓

Large purchase approval by BOD ✓ College scholarship selection process

Work on complex committee and start tasks – ALL (Jeff offered to be on the committee.) ✓

Field 3 lights ✓

Sod trim on field 4 ✓

Dugout work ✓

Parking lot

Summer survey, results analysis, and synopsis dispersion – ERIN

Minutes submitted by: Erin Reed – AYS Secretary Meeting Minutes of Arlington Youth Sports – Proprietary and Confidential

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