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AYS Tractor Pull 2021


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Arlington Youth Sports Quarterly Meeting

April 18, 2021 7pm

Two Rivers Complex

The meeting was held at 7:00 on April 18, 2021, at the complex.  Members in attendance were

Mike Monke, Erin Reed, Amber Hansen, Melissa Overholt, Jeff Staats, Josh Wilmott, Shelly

Staats, and Phil Lang.  Ryan Baxter was also in attendance.  Mike called the meeting to order at 7:00 and took roll call.  March minutes and the agenda were approved.  No one from the public asked to speak during the public forum.



Amber sent out the profit and loss sheets ahead of time for review.  There were no concerns and she had nothing more to report.



Amber asked about the Sign Up Genius for concessions.  Angie Von Seggern has the DIBS set up but needs the baseball schedule.  Mike will have these the first week of May.  There was discussion on finding an ap that would notify people of rain delays, cancellations, etc.


Commissioner Reports


Amber asked about the roster policy in place this year.  Mike explained that kids that are younger in the age spectrum can drop down a level due to missing last season.  He said most parents wanted to keep their player with their peers.  He added that team numbers can come into play.  This season, there will be some 12U players that will come down to play 10U.  Mike said things will be watched closely to make sure playing time is fair.



No report submitted


T-Ball/Coach Pitch

No report submitted



No report submitted



No report submitted



No report submitted



There were no concerns with the report submitted ahead of time.



Josh asked how the open board positions were advertised, stressing the importance of being transparent about available positions.  Shelly will put open positions for all commissions on the website and Facebook page as there are openings.  The board has plans to standardize this process for all boards.  There was discussion on filling all board positions at the annual meeting even if the new person wouldn’t take over until later in the year.  The board would also like to use the same voting method for all boards.  Currently, each board uses its own method.


Old Business

Mike briefly discussed the drafting of the new public forum policy, which will focus and expedite meetings.  This will be voted on at the May Board of Directors meeting.  He reported that the complex clean-up day was very successful.  There are a few lights that need to be replaced on Field 3.  A sod cutter has been donated and will be used on Field 3.  Field 3 3rd base dugout also needs attention.  Mike will look into options.  The coffee pot and popcorn machine both need to be replaced.  Phil asked about weed control and rocking the parking lot (acre and a half).  Someone offered to do the rock in exchange for scoreboard advertisement.  Phil will follow up on this.  The playground needs new ground cover.  The baseball and softball boards are looking into hiring Luke Brenn and/or Tyler Stender and high schoolers to do field prep this season.  Phil and Mike will discuss further and report back.  There was discussion on having a Complex Board to deal with items such as these.  The board also plans to put a policy in place to approve larger purchases by commissioners.  In the meantime, requests can be sent to Mike who will then send it to the board by e-mail for approval.


New Business

There was discussion on allowing boards to have “view only” access on QuickBooks.  This would allow each board to see their profit and loss sheets and would also allow for more transparency.  This will be revisited in July.


The winter survey showed some concerns with confusion surrounding volunteer requirements.  There was discussion on possible solutions.  All sports have different requirements in addition to the big AYS fundraisers including the fireworks stand, tractor pull, etc.  Erin and Josh will attend the fundraiser meeting to draft a plan to adjust and clarify these requirements.


The AYS scholarship requirements and selection process will be revisited.


The next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Sunday, May 23rd, at 7:00 at the Complex.  Mike will set up a meeting for the board to review the winter sports surveys in the near future.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:36.



Minutes submitted by:  Erin Reed – AYS Secretary

Meeting Minutes of Arlington Youth Sports – Proprietary and Confidential


AYS News

AYS Weekly Update 5/10/2021

By SS 05/10/2021, 10:00pm CDT

AYS weekly update 5/10/2021

A belated Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's in Eagle country!

AYS Fundraising had a meeting this evening. Minutes will be posted to the website shortly. Next meeting is scheduled for May 20.

Baseball Board had to postpone their meeting this evening, next date TBA.

Softball had a wonderful tournament this weekend. Thanks for all who were able to help out! If you missed it there will be more volunteer opportunities to come.

Angie is posting updated DIBS for upcoming games within the next few days. We want to make sure parents know that they do NOT need to sign up for their kiddos games, or even specific spot.. Baseball can sign up for Softball and vice versa.

Baseball schedules should be forthcoming as well as baseball DIBS.

Football Board has a meeting this Friday at 6pm

Tractor Pull DIBS should be finalized May 20 and will be posted shortly after.

If you have not received your Coach Pitch or T-Ball schedules, they should be coming out shortly.

Have a great week everyone!

AYS Weekly Update 4/26

By SS 04/28/2021, 7:45pm CDT

Weekly update for the week of 4/26/21

April meeting minutes have been posted on the website for AYS Board of Directors, AYS Baseball and AYS Fundraising Committe.

Softball DIBS have all been posted, please make sure you sign up to help. Angie will have a message to send out shortly in regards to that. And a special thank you to Angie for inputting all those Dibs!!!

Don't forget about the used equipment link listed on the AYS Softball and Two Rivers Complex Facebook pages.

Baseball schedules should be out next week and the AYS Baseball By-Laws have been posted to the AYS website under Meeting Minutes and on the Baseball page

Tractor Pull Dibs will be coming out in the next week or so.

The next AYS Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for May 23rd at the Complex meeting room. Please email any Board member with questions. Board contacts are listed on the website.

We have been working hard to make sure that the website is on its way to being fully utilized. PLEASE go check it out, click around and give feedback to Shelly Staats via Facebook message or email at We have updated pics, sports board information and contacts, and weekly news feed and archives.

AYS Weekly Update 4/18

By SS 04/18/2021, 10:15pm CDT

AYS weekly update 4/18/21

AYS Board of Directors MEETING is scheduled for 5/23 @ 7pm @complex meeting room above concessions.

Softball apparel orders are due by April 25th. Softball schedules are listed on the AYS website.

Baseball schedules should be out first week of May

Basketball board is still looking for Board Members. Please reach out to Matt Nelson or any board member if you are interested in helping out.

Save the date for June 19th Tractor pull.

Used baseball and softball equipment thread is active on the AYS facebook page. Please feel free to list items for sale or donation of used equipment there.

We are still looking for advertising sponsorships for batting cages, concession, scoreboards, playground, field names. Sponsorships range in price greatly so please watch your email for sponsorship letter. Some of them are VERY affordable! There are sponsorships also available for $100, $250, $500 & $1000. Please reach out to any fundraising committee member ( Michelle Wilkins, Mandy Robinson, Anna Brahatcek or Shelly Staats) for more information.

Please utilize and explore the newly revised website for all sorts of updates. We are continuously updating the site to be your "go to" for all AYS info. If you have any comments or suggestions, please reach out to Shelly Staats or email

AYS Poker Run has been set for August 29th. This is a new event for AYS and should be a lot of fun!

As always, thank you for supporting Arlington Youth Sports, we couldn't do it without you!

Please support our sponsors!