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Tractor Pull 2021



Arlington Youth Sports

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

March 21, 2021, 6:30 p.m.

Two Rivers Bank Complex


Call to Order/Roll Call

Mike started the meeting at 6:30. Members in attendance were Mike Monke, Amber Hansen, Jeff Staats, Erin Reed, and Josh Willmott.  Others in attendance were Gary Fehlhaber, Phil Lang, Shelly Staats, Jacque Morgan, Ben Misfeldt, Matt Nelson, Cody Jess, Ryan Baxter, and Angie VonSeggern.


Reading/Approval of Minutes and Agenda

A motion to wave last meeting’s minutes was made by Amber Hansen and seconded by Jeff Staats.  All were in favor.  A motion was made to approve the agenda by Amber Hansen and seconded by Jeff Staats.  All were in favor.


Public Forum

None requested.


Treasurer Report

A balance sheet and profit and loss sheet were sent to board members ahead of time.  No concerns were reported.  Shelly requested that the fundraising funds be included in reporting.


Fundraising Report

Shelly reported that BINGO night is next Friday, March 26th, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., and another dozen volunteers is needed.  She’ll send another request out tomorrow and asks that commissions to do the same.  They will be raffling off a parking spot at the complex as well as a tractor pull pass and an Arlington pool pass.  There will also be a raffle.  They will be foregoing the Hit-A-Thon this year due to short notice and no raffle items.  The next thing will be the Poker Run on May 22 with stops at the places that support AYS.  The tractor pull is still in June.  New sponsors and signage are needed for the complex.  This was started last year and was put on hold due to COVID.  She asks everyone to consider volunteering for any and all fundraising efforts and encourages all to attend as well.  The new fundraisers will be added to the volunteer requirement list on registration forms.  Amber mentioned the confusion with the volunteer requirements when you have multiple kids in multiple sports and individuals may not remember what they selected for volunteer options on their registration.  It was decided that a better tracking system is needed.  That will be added to next month’s agenda.


Website Report

Shelly requested an updated sponsor list to post.  She’ll send out updates on Mondays.  She reminded everyone that AYS offers scholarships for families in need.  It was decided requests would be e-mailed to the Board of Directors.  She asked if each board’s secretary (or other designated board member) could post minutes, meeting dates, agendas, photos directly to their page on the website.  Shelly will train them as needed.  She also offered to make other posts on the behalf of the boards as necessary. The board thanks her for her efforts and time.


Old Business

Mike reported that the Biennial Non-profit Corporation report has been filed, and officers have been updated with the state.  Amber reported that she sent a letter to the Nebraska Department of Revenue to resolve the issue with the multiple sales tax I.D. numbers.  Mike recommended that the fundraising committee help with decisions concerning the fireworks stand.  Josh, Jeff, and Mike will join the fundraising committee on April 1 and Brad will be asked to attend to share his knowledge of the fireworks stand and all it entails.


New Business

Mike made a motion to shelf the items the Board of Directors are looking at.  Erin motioned and Jeff seconded.  All were in favor.  Mike reminded all that there will be a Board of Directors member present at all parent meetings.  Erin will attend coach pitch/t-ball and basketball, Josh will attend baseball and soccer, Mike will attend softball and wrestling, Jeff will attend football, and Amber will attend v-ball.  Mike would like to implement a policy that addresses public forum.  Josh and Jeff will help with that between now and April so it’s prepared for the next quarterly meeting.  Clean up day will be April 10th with a rain date of April 17th.  Mike proposed to keep quarterly meetings on Sundays with reminders sent out a month before.  He asks that reports be sent to Erin ahead of time, with actionable items noted.  Mike will create a template for these reports.  The next quarterly meeting will be April 18th at 7:00.


Q & A

Shelly asked if there is a breakdown of each board’s financial report instead of just a “general fund,” and could they possibly be posted on the website for the general public’s knowledge?  Amber said the spreadsheets are the same as the profit and loss documents and asked about giving treasurers access to Quick Books to view those.  Mike said it depends on whether Quick Books will allow that, but a report is already printed out for each sports board at the quarterly meetings.  Amber pointed out that it could be misleading if these were reported on the website because they are constantly changing and could make it look like some sports have much more than they really do (if registrations are all paid but league fees haven’t been taken out yet, for example).  Amber may send out a monthly balance for each sport to treasurers or read-only access may be given to treasurers.  We will revisit this.  Mike asks that each sport creates a budget for each year.  


Gary asked if there is anything to be done to encourage the city to fix the west t-ball/coach pitch field.  Mike will ask to be put on the village agenda to discuss this.  Shelly asked for some porta potties for t-ball/coach pitch, and Phil asked Mike to check on the lights over there to be sure they work.



Amber moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:40 and Josh seconded.  All were in favor. 


Minutes submitted by:  Erin Reed – AYS Secretary

Meeting Minutes of Arlington Youth Sports – Proprietary and Confidential

AYS News

AYS Weekly Update 4/18

By SS 04/18/2021, 10:15pm CDT

AYS weekly update 4/18/21

AYS Board of Directors MEETING is scheduled for 5/23 @ 7pm @complex meeting room above concessions.

Softball apparel orders are due by April 25th. Softball schedules are listed on the AYS website.

Baseball schedules should be out first week of May

Basketball board is still looking for Board Members. Please reach out to Matt Nelson or any board member if you are interested in helping out.

Save the date for June 19th Tractor pull.

Used baseball and softball equipment thread is active on the AYS facebook page. Please feel free to list items for sale or donation of used equipment there.

We are still looking for advertising sponsorships for batting cages, concession, scoreboards, playground, field names. Sponsorships range in price greatly so please watch your email for sponsorship letter. Some of them are VERY affordable! There are sponsorships also available for $100, $250, $500 & $1000. Please reach out to any fundraising committee member ( Michelle Wilkins, Mandy Robinson, Anna Brahatcek or Shelly Staats) for more information.

Please utilize and explore the newly revised website for all sorts of updates. We are continuously updating the site to be your "go to" for all AYS info. If you have any comments or suggestions, please reach out to Shelly Staats or email

AYS Poker Run has been set for August 29th. This is a new event for AYS and should be a lot of fun!

As always, thank you for supporting Arlington Youth Sports, we couldn't do it without you!

AYS Updates week of 4/5/21

By SS 04/06/2021, 9:30am CDT

The second AYS Quarterly Meeting of 2021 is scheduled for Sunday, April 18 at 7pm at the meeting room at the Complex. Please make sure that a member of your board is there to represent your sport or committee that night at the meeting. This year’s quarterly meetings will operate a bit differently than in the past. Requests for a pre-meeting report will need to be submitted in lieu of a report on the night of the meeting. Please be ready to answer any questions that may come up as a result of the report that you submit. Deadline for each sport and committee’s reports is Sunday, April 11. If no report is received by that time, we will proceed with the assumption that your particular sport or committee does not have a report this quarter. If you have any agenda items either related to or separate from your respective report, please contact me ASAP to get them put on the agenda for the 18th. The same deadline, April 11 will apply for agenda additions so that the agenda can be posted ahead of the meeting. Thanks for your help as we try to make these quarterly meetings more efficient and effective. -Mike Monke


AYS Weekly Update 3/28

By SS 04/01/2021, 5:15pm CDT

AYS weekly update 3/28/21

Basketball uniform turn in deadline is upon us. Make sure your coach has them ASAP or deposits will be cashed. Coaches will meet at the shed at Two Rivers March 31st at 6:30pm-7:30.

AYS Bingo was great fun and we had a lot of AMAZING volunteers! A HUGE thank you for everyone who helped out! And a big THANK YOU to all that came out to participate in BINGO night to support AYS! Thank you to all who donated raffle and auction prizes, we appreciate you all! Look for next months meeting minutes for our list of generous donors.

Used baseball and softball equipment thread is active on the AYS facebook page. Please feel free to list items for sale or donation of used equipment there.

Basketball and Wrestling parents, please be sure to complete the survey that was sent via email. We are looking for feedback and information is always welcomed and encouraged!

We are looking for sponsorships for batting cages, concession, scoreboards, playground, field names and nominal recognition sponsorships are also available for $100, $250, $500 & $1000. Please reach out to any fundraising committee member for more information.

Please continue to watch the website for calendar updates. Softball and Baseball are updating their games dates and all Board and fundraising dates will be listed as well.

Save the date for June 19th Tractor pull. And a Poker Run date will be confirmed soon.

As always, thank you for supporting Arlington Youth Sports, we couldn't do it without you!

Please support our sponsors!