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AYS Updates week of 6/2/21

By SS 06/03/2021, 8:00am CDT

Weekly update 6/1/21

More Dibs sessions have been added for the Complex. You can find them at, log in to Dibs, adjust your date filters and sign-up.

Tractor Pull Dibs has openings available as well (see same instructions above). Please get signed up ASAP. Tractor Pull is just over 2 weeks away . Details at Arlington Youth Sports Tractor Pull on Facebook

Minutes from Board of Directors meeting will be posted this week

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Thank you all for your continued support in all our events!

Have a great week!-Shelly



Arlington Youth Sports Quarterly Meeting

April 18, 2021 7pm

Two Rivers Complex

Call to Order/Roll Call Josh started the meeting at 7:05. Members in attendance were Amber Hansen, Jeff Staats, Erin Reed, and Josh Willmott.

Reading/Approval of Minutes and Agenda

The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

Public Forum None requested

Treasurer Report

Amber sent the report this afternoon. She has no concerns. The rest will look it over and share concerns and questions if any arise.

Old Business

Josh recommended meeting once more before the June meeting with the basketball board to review the items of concern/focus gleaned from the winter survey. A request will be made for each sport to create a layout of expectations at each grade level for consistency and to help coaches, athletes, and parents know what to expect. We will ask that this be shared with the BOD by August for review. Erin will resend the points for board members to review. The board will be working on putting some things in writing (policies) like volunteer requirements, spending approval requirements, and requirements about signing the coaches’ code of conduct.

Amber asked if coaches/their families have to volunteer for the concession stand as well. Currently, they do.

Fundraising Report

Josh reported that he met with the fundraising committee. Different DIBS items will be worth different point values (tractor pull would be more than BINGO night). The board would like to have more discussion on the pros and cons of the tractor pull. Amber stated that she appreciates the work the Dunklau family does to put the pull on. Jeff suggested getting a list of fireworks volunteers so we can send an e-mail explaining that the fireworks stand is canceled for the year and share where help is still needed for the pull. So far parent feedback indicates that families have liked using DIBS for concession stand sign up. In the future, it needs to be communicated clearly in a timely fashion by boards and coaches so parents know what is expected and when it’s available. We will work on a policy for this. There was discussion at the last meeting about creating a wish list for AYS/the complex so people know what they’re donating money for (bull pen behind dugouts for example).

  • Complex

    Josh would like to have a list of what a complex committee would be responsible for making decisions on. Josh has heard that some outside entities would like to use the complex but have been denied. This would bring in extra revenue and get more use out of the complex. Erin suggested using the complex committee to help run concessions, and Josh suggested that a concessions committee is more logical. For now, complex items should be brought to the board of directors.

    The parking lot still needs rock. The board will get another bid. Jeff is wondering how four inches of rock will be added to the existing rock. Amber explained it will be peaked, but the board still has concerns with rock along the edges. Josh recommends having someone attend a meeting and explain how they would add four inches to the existing level. Jeff will get a bid for crushed concrete to fill the holes for now. Nothing has been arranged for field prep yet. There was discussion on paying someone $10 or so per field. Jeff is going to look into finding which fields will be used on which nights and will try to get a total number of games to see if that pay is reasonable.

    The next meeting is scheduled for June 29th at 6:00. Basketball will be invited to attend at 7:00.


    The meeting ended at 9:30.

    To Do List:

    o Clarify volunteer requirements – ALL

    o Meet to write up expectations for fundraising, protocol for coaches’ meeting and the signing of the coaches’ code of conduct, and any other policies necessary (create a list via e-mail for ideas and then approve one per meeting) – ALL

    o Get second rock bid – MIKE?

    o Get crushed concrete bid – JEFF

    o Find field usage for field prep – JEFF

    o Send out message for fireworks volunteers to volunteer for tractor pull instead

    o Field 3 lights, sod trim, dugout work, parking lot – MIKE and PHIL

    o Look into aps to notify families of rain delays, cancellations, etc. – JOSH, PHIL, and SHELLY *SPORT YOU worked well for softball

    o Volunteer requirement review and clarification – JOSH, ERIN, and SHELLY

    o Finalize public forum policy – BOD

    o Create a separate commission for the complex – BOD

    o Standardize process for filling and voting for open board positions – BOD

    o Large purchase policy – BOD

    o QuickBooks access for boards – BOD

    o Winter survey results analysis and synopsis dispersion (Erin will resend the basketball

    points from survey for board to review again.) – BOD

    o Scholarship requirements and selection process – BOD

    Minutes submitted by: Erin Reed – AYS Secretary

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