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AYS BOD July 11, 2022 Meeting Minutes

By SS 07/25/2022, 8:00am CDT

Arlington Youth Sports

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

July 11, 2022 7:00 pm

Two Rivers Bank Complex

Attendees: Jake Lage, Jeff Staats, Matt Nelson, Mathew Schaapveld, Angie Von Seggern, James Romero

7:03 Meeting called to order

Meeting minutes – two segments - from Erin Reed and Tracy Hoesing – Motion to approve minutes by Jeff Staats, second Mat S.

Approval of agenda – Motion to approve made by Matt N., Second Jeff S.

  1. Treasurer’s Report – No report yet, Matt Nelson will be connecting with Kori Jensen. Discussed getting the Key to the P.O. Box and being added to the AYS Bank Account at Two Rivers Bank. Discussed centralizing data and work on one Gmail account or computer. Discussed purchasing a computer for the treasurer.
    1. Outstanding Bill – it was discussed there were some outstanding bills that needed to be paid and Matt N. would be reviewing as he gained access to the treasurer information.
    2. June Sales Tax– Submit Sales Tax for Concession stand and Tractor Pull concessions, due 7/20/2022. Matt Nelson. and Jake Lage will work to get sales tax submitted. One day for Sales tax expected from Summer sizzle will be due in August – Estimated total was $500 with $200 from donations that was non-taxable. 
    3. Changing of Signature on Cards – Matt Nelson will be reaching to Kori Jensen about moving to credit Cards – 3 Cards – One for G Lang. and 2 others – Then canceling out the debt cards. Connect with Kori on Paypal and Venmo accounts and removing accounts.  Discussed getting a Square Account Point of Sale (POS).  May need to purchase IPad to use.
    4. CPA – Jake is talking with Kori as an accounting services


  1. Discussed By-Laws – By-laws are on the website under About – Discussed reviewing section by section and making recommendation for updating the by-laws as suggested by outside attorney’s review along with recommendation to update the officers on the NE state treasurer website.


  1. All Sports and Election of their boards – Discussed recommendations for sport board member elections: Fall Sports 1st qtr, Winter sports 2nd qtr, summer sports 3rd  Qtr.



  1. Fund raising Deposit – Jeff Staats discussed there are many checks to deposit for fundraising. 
    1. Coach pitch/T-ball – has fundraising and registration checks. Registration checks need to be deposited. Discussed $25 volunteer deposit checks collected. Discussed $200.00 Fund raising volunteer checks were not collected. Agreed volunteer checks would not be cashed due to unclear expectation given to T-ball and Coach Pitch parents. James Romero advised some checks he received are combined registration checks and volunteer checks. James advised he would reach out to the parents to get just a registration check to be cashed and then submit the registration checks to be deposited.
    2. Jeff advises that Baseball did not collect deposit checks along some other sports. 
    3. Question asked to remove fund raising requirement check for T-ball/coach pitch. Tabled until someone from fundraising is present for input.
    4. Jeff Staats made a motion to shred 2021/2022 $200 checks for Fund Raising due to inconsistency. Jeff will send out a communication to all parents, 1st Jake Lage, 2nd Matt S.
    5. Jeff commented there is a document under fundraising on the website of how-to regarding fundraising. Discussed distributing to parents via emails and hyperlink on Facebook
  2. Combination of coach pitch/T-Ball and Soccer.  “Pee-Wee sports Board”
    1. Consider combining and making a Pee-wee sports boards.
    2. Field Maintenance at the T-ball fields. It was discussed the need for maintenance at the two village fields and the possibility of adding an outfield fence on the west field.  James R. commented the issues with prepping the field due to public using the fields along with people using ATV on the west infield.  James R. asked for a key to the complex garage to get access to the chalkers. It was discussed placing an equipment shed at the village field with items to prep and maintain the fields.
    3. Discussion of leasing T-ball fields from Arlington Village – Jeff S. will approach the board about what options we can to lease. 
  3. Shed Access – Key codes for sheds
    1. Discussed making a code for Volleyball to allow access to the shed for stored Volleyball equipment.  Jeff S. discussed the possibility of using the code for basketball as Volleyball on needs access a couple times a year to get and return equipment. 
  4. Complex
    1. Angie Von Seggern advised she has purchased Point of Sale (POS) for the concession stand.  Angie shared the type of system that was provided. James R. provided his personal experience with using a similar system and the various uses for the system. 
    2. Jeff Staats advised he has identified the router he plans on getting for the complex but has not been purchased yet.
    3. Slushy Machine – To be purchased using the complex card. 
    4. Angie V. requested help on the complex concession.  It was discussed getting help getting supplies for the concession stands due to the time commitment and person cost to run and get supplies. 
    5. Discussion of getting security System/cameras for the complex and fields
    6. Discussed placing Locks on the storage room and concession doors in order to secure concession stand inventory  
  5. Next meeting set for 7/25/2022, 7:00 at the complex. 

9:14 Matt S, made motion for adjournment. 2nd by Jeff. 



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