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The mission of Arlington Youth Sports (AYS) is to provide all participants with a positive introduction to youth sports and an opportunity to learn fundamentals in an organized and supervised environment by promoting and encouraging sportsmanship, participation, safety, recreation and friendship of its members. 

AYS News


By SS 02/07/2021, 10:30am CST

Annual Meeting Minutes have been posted on the AYS website as of 2/7/2021

AYS Board met on February 25, 2001 and voted on the new board members. Brad Soll resigned as President and the new board is as follows:

President-Mike Monke

Vice President - Josh Willmott

Secretary-Erin Reed

Treasurer-Amber Hansen

Member At Large- Jeff Staats 


Arlington Youth Sports

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

February 25, 2021, 7:00 p.m.

Arlington Elementary Media Center


The meeting was held at 7:00 on February 25, 2021, at Arlington Elementary.  Members in attendance were outgoing President Brad Soll, Erin Reed, Mike Monke, Josh Willmott, Amber Hansen, and incoming member Jeff Staats. 


Nonprofit Corp Biennial Report

Mike offered to take care of that.


Fireworks Stand

Brad reiterated that the prices will be higher this year.  The 4th falls on a Sunday this year, so it should be a good year for sales.  We will revisit later.


Sales Tax Issues

We have two different sales tax numbers, probably from when we switch to a 501(c)(3) organization.  We need to get a form filled out so we can list officers as power of attorneys.  Josh offered to reach out to clear things up.  Amber asked if we’d go with Frankel Zachariah or switch to Erickson and Brooks for taxes.  Last year could have cost more because of the poor condition of our QuickBooks.  It was decided we’d stay where were at another year to see what the cost is.


Concession Stand Sign Up

It was decided we would use Dibs so we can e-mail specific volunteers and keep track of who has volunteered.  Angie might be willing to be in charge of sign in at concessions and entering into Dibs.  Josh suggested raising deposits but giving people the option to pay and opt out of volunteering.  He also suggested encouraging donations for concessions in lieu of volunteering.  We’ll ask Angie if she would spearhead this endeavor.


Donation Money

Brad would like to continue working with Jon Arnett on getting something put on the website about the large donation made last year in order to help families/kids with registration, shoes, etc. as needed.  It was agreed upon that the board of directors would be the group to decide if a family receives assistance.  We will also start encouraging a used-equipment drive for each sports like wrestling does for shoes.


Election of Officers

Brad turned in his letter of resignation and asked that Jeff be appointed to the second year of his term.  Josh motioned to accept the resignation immediately and Mike seconded.  All were in favor.  Erin moved to appoint Jeff to fulfill the rest of the term and Josh seconded.  All were in favor.  Mike thanked Brad for his years of service.  Mike was elected as President.  Josh was voted in as Vice President.  Erin remains secretary.  Amber remains treasurer.  Jeff will fill the member-at-large position.


Other Business

The group shared ideas for the future and where they’d like to see the organization go.  There was discussion on forming a complex committee.  The board would also like to require commissions to get large expenses approved before purchasing.  There was a lot of discussion on hearing parent concerns, encouraging age-appropriate practices (playing time, team selection, etc.), discouraging preferential treatment, etc.  Erin will send out the winter survey at the end of the season.  We will meet again on March 21st at 6:00 at the elementary school.



Mike motioned to adjourn the meeting at 9:35.  Erin moved to accept and Amber seconded.


Minutes submitted by:  Erin Reed – AYS Secretary

Meeting Minutes of Arlington Youth Sports – Proprietary and Confidential

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