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AYS BOD April 2022 Meeting Minutes

By SS 06/06/2022, 10:30pm CDT

Arlington Youth Sports Quarterly Meeting Minutes

April 27, 2022, 6:30 p.m. Two Rivers Bank Complex

Call to Order Josh called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Josh Wilmott, Erin Reed, Kori Jensen, Ben Nissen, Jeff Staats, Nate Egbarts, Phil Lang, James Romero, Tracie Lage, Jake Lage, Cody Jess and Mandi Robinson were present.

Approval of Minutes Minutes were approved. Approval of Agenda The agenda was approved. Public Forum Phil Lang expressed his dissatisfaction with the 2022 Board of Directors election process. He asked for clarification on the processes. Josh explained that nominations were solicited prior to, during, and after the annual meeting. Two volunteers came forward willing to serve on the BOD; since two members of the board were resigning and three were willing to serve another term, no vote was taken. Erin referred to the 2022 Annual Meeting minutes where it states “Mike shared that there will be a new uniform poll for all BOD, sports board, and committee positions. Voting will take place this week and results will be shared the week of February 7.” Erin and Josh agreed that no vote was taken and were unsure why. It was suggested that Mike could be contacted for clarification. Phil said that the AYS by-laws state the vote is to happen at the annual meeting. Phil suggested opening it up for nominations again and holding a vote now. Kori pointed out that also doesn’t follow the by-laws. Kori suggested seeking legal counsel to determine an appropriate resolution

Treasurer’s Report Kori shared the balance sheet and profit and loss statement. She explained that she is working to recode QuickBooks so financials can be broken down by sports, fundraising, and complex accounts. There will no longer be a Google doc registry. She shared in accordance to the AYS by-laws the BOD has appointed an assistant treasurer, Jenny Hansen. She will not be a signature on the bank account but will help with QuickBooks and serving AYS boards and members. There will also be help and oversite from an accounting firm to prepare monthly tax returns, etc. Kori got a quote for $3,300 per year for all requested services from CFO 4 Your Biz. They would provide quarterly financial reviews, on call support, prepare sales tax forms, 990 tax return, and 1099s. She mentioned that after a year of working with the accounting firm we could cut back on some of that cost by with less use of the firm. Jeff motioned to approve the proposal and Kori seconded. The vote was unanimous in favor of the proposal.

Sports Board Charter Kori went over the background to the charter, explaining that the BOD has been working for several months to layout clear guidelines for sports boards. She went over the main points explaining that having consistency among boards and sports will help better serve our youth. This charter will be emailed out to all sports commissioners.

Complex Committee Report Jeff reported on the valve and the plans to get it repaired. Some other leaks, etc. will also be repaired at the same time. There was a request to keep a porta potty (or both) for the ball season ($65/month each). Phil said that there will be thirty teams at the 10U tournament (versus 24 at the Mother’s Day tournament). It was decided that they’ll both stay through June. Internet will be brought in next week. Name plates for ball returns have been ordered. Jeremy Hansen quoted $788 to fix electrical issues. Jeff would like to add an outlet for a heater in the utility room to prevent frozen pipes. Kori motioned to approve and Jeff seconded. All were in favor. There is a slow leak at the stop box in the parking lot. There are two more lights out of Field 3. Phil reported that the lights at the t-ball/coach pitch fields are fixed. There are two estimates for two different style doors for the storage shed. The committee asked that the board vote on the $1600 option. This was approved. Angie would like to be notified of any game cancelation at least two hours in advance. There will be a full menu when there are three or more games, partial when two games, and limited menu if one game. The Mother’s Day tournament sign up is on DIBS. They will talk to the school about purchasing any surplus of Cisco products. Baseball and softball parents have been reminded that no one under 16 can be in the concession stand. There was a concern with a private party held on the complex. Kori will check on the liability. Jeff shared estimates for chalk and field dry. Phil offered to pick it up. There was a request to get 100 base plugs at $4 each along with a few other items. Baseball coaches will chalk fields before games and Claire Schmidt will prep for softball. There is a washout southwest of the parking lot. Jeff has permission to do what he needs to fix it. Sport and Committee Reports Baseball Nate was present and had nothing to report. Softball Phil shared that there are 67 girls signed up this year. He would like to keep girls at AYS versus going to other area teams to compete. The Mother’s Day tournament is coming up along with the 8U tournament with about six teams and the 10U Logan Valley League tournament with about thirty teams. He is concerned about filling volunteer positions for this tournament on June 24-26 due to our parents having other conflicts that time of the season. Nate offered to put it out to baseball parents since they’re done by then. He would like to see more tournaments at the complex to bring in revenue. He’ll share more ideas at a later time.

T-Ball/Coach Pitch James reported that they have enough players at both levels for four teams each. They’ve scheduled a parent meeting and coaches’ meeting. He asked for all required paper work for coaches and parents. Kori will get him copies. He asked for an inventory. Jeff offered to meet Jessica to go through it. He found someone to do the t-shirts and asked about any requirements. He asked about field maintenance, which is currently done by the village. He plans to take care of it himself before games to ensure quality prep.

Soccer No report

Football Cody reported that they’re getting ready for the next season. He asked again about getting their own space in the storage shed. He asked who has the key for the shed. Jeff has that. They no longer have an equipment manager.

Volleyball No report

Wrestling No report

Basketball No report

Fundraising Mandi reported that they brought in $2800 on the BINGO Fish Fry night. People expressed that they like a fish fry in town. They’re thinking about continuing that. It’s the first time they sold beer. It was a family event this time. They made good money on beer sales. They’re planning the adults-only BINGO night in November. The tractor pull is coming up on June 18th. The DIBS will be put up for that next month. FFA helps with concessions at that event. Volunteers will be needed for admissions, parking, beer sales, etc. They still need adults in the concession stand to monitor the FFA kids. They estimate they’ll need about 100 volunteers. The Poker Run will be in August. A slushy machine has been requested for the concession stand which could then be used for other sporting events as well as margaritas during fundraising events. Kori moved to set a budget of $1000 for this. Erin seconded. All were in favor. The fundraising committee is looking to recruit one or two more members.

Executive Session Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Minutes submitted by: Erin Reed – AYS Secretary Meeting Minutes of Arlington Youth Sports – Proprietary and Confidential To Do List: o Quarterly Meeting Agenda Items – JOSH  Discuss the plan to hire a concession stand manager o Other  Complex committee tasks – JEFF and committee  Credit card – JOSH  Check on liability for private parties on site – KORI  Send out sports board charter to boards – KORI  Winter sports survey synopsis – ALL  Look into background checks for all coaches – JOSH  Check with legal counsel about concern – KORI  Post need for fundraising committee members on Facebook – ERIN

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